Hyper-baric Oxygen Therapy

This is a well-known treatment, formally known as Hyper-Baric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT and latterly HDOT), not only for people with MS but also for other injuries, where an increase in the percentage of oxygen in the blood stream has a tendency to speed up the natural process of healing.

The treatment, in simple terms, is the breathing of pure medical oxygen whilst in an environment of increased air pressure, this is normally at a pressure equivalent to 2 Atmospheres. The ‘environment’ at H.O.P.E. is a spherical steel tank (baro-chamber) with an oxygen supply (pure medical), via face masks, for up to four people per session. The normal period of treatment lasts for 1 hour with a short break at half time, if required by the users.
The volunteer staff that control and operate the therapy sessions are fully trained in all aspects of Health & Safety regarding Oxygen Treatment Therapy and operation. The ‘Tank’, as we know the baro-chamber, is subject annually to a full and comprehensive inspection and maintenance programme.
Collectively over 1000 participate in the (O2T) sessions annually.

“The number of hyperbaric treatment sessions completed in UK wide MS National Therapy Centres has reached over two million and we have full recognition of our Centres by the Department of Health for the treatment of neurological conditions in the community.” Note: This statement precedes the change from HBOT to Oxygen Treatment and is accredited to:

Phillip B James, MB ChB DIH PhD FFOM (Recently Retired)
Professor of Hyperbaric Medicine.
Wolfson Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, University of Dundee