About Us



From small beginnings in 1986 H.O.P.E. has grown into a substantial, fully accessible Centre where our Members can relax, have a chat and enjoy some refreshment as well as receiving affordable  Oxygen Therapy and Physiotherapy treatments.

H.O.P.E. is run by a Board of Directors.  It is both a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee.  People joining our Centre are asked to pay a Membership Fee which entitles Members to contribute ideas to the running of the Charity alongside the Directors.  There are two paid staff and three physical therapists under contract to the Centre.



The Centre was started with a small group of people with MS discussing the possible benefits of the then little know treatment called “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”. This was followed soon after with the formation of H.O.P.E. (the acronym stands for “Hyperbaric Oxygen Pembrokeshire Endeavour”), as a locally Registered Charity.   After some two years spent raising the necessary funds, the Centre started operations on the 6th January 1986 and HBO Therapy was at last available to local people with MS.  In 2000 the decision was taken to expand the provision to include Physical Therapy as well.

Over the years we have enjoyed very generous funding from people in all walks of life, from major companies, businesses, retail groups, other charities, the public, children and a real “lifeline” of monies from collection boxes.   Without this continued revenue stream we would cease to exist as we are today and we thank all the very generous people of Pembrokeshire and our Friends of H.O.P.E. worldwide.