About us


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The relief of sickness and suffering of those with Multiple Sclerosis and other related conditions and their families and carers in Pembrokeshire primarily but not exclusively by.

The provision of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Physical Therapy and other Therapies as necessary.

The provision of care, support, advice, counselling and information.

Providing or assisting in the provision of recreational and other leisure-time occupation for these beneficiaries in the interests of social welfare with the Object of improving their conditions of life and wellbeing.

At this point in time the Centre is open for four days a week, however, we would like to increase this to five days in the future, as the need arises and if funding allows.

Our overall policy is to create a comfortable and friendly environment, where people can relax, have a chat and enjoy some refreshment; as well as providing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Physiotherapy.


The Centre was started with a small group of people with MS discussing the possible benefits of the then, new form of treatment called “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”. This was followed soon after with the formation of H.O.P.E. (the acronym stands for “Hyperbaric Oxygen Pembrokeshire Endeavour”), as a locally Registered Charity.

After some two years spent raising the necessary funds, the Centre started operations on the 6th January 1986 and HBO Therapy was at last available to local people with MS. Over the years we have enjoyed very generous funding from people in all walks of life, from major companies, businesses, retail groups, other charities, the public, children and a real “lifeline” of monies from Collection Boxes. Without this continued revenue stream we would cease to exist as we are today.

As mentioned above, we are mainly dependent on funding in the form of donations and sponsorships from businesses and the public at large. Our projected annual costs in 2008/2009 will amount to over 60,000 so you can understand why our very existence is in the hands, and pockets, of the very generous people of Pembrokeshire and Friends of H.O.P.E. worldwide. For that support we thank you all.