Physical Therapy

“The John Nicholas” Physical Therapy Unit

We have a large Department specifically fitted for providing physical therapy staffed by Technical Instructors David Griffiths and Matthew Price. This Unit is currently part funded with a grant from the Local Health Board, however, we (H.O.P.E.) have an ongoing “in-house” revenue and capital spend to fund the grant short fall i.e. for new and replacement equipment and maintenance charges.



Approximately 3000+ therapy sessions are carried out annually thus showing the need for this essential service by Members.


Both research and user experience indicates that physical therapy has a vital role in managing the symptoms and containing the overall disability caused by MS.

At HOPE, we believe that regular exercise and physical therapy will enhance and maintain the ability of MS sufferers. As we are aware that MS can be a progressive disease, we at the Centre try to reduce the overall effect of MS by working towards maintaining and restoring the individuals physical potential.

Our Department Policy includes:

1.    Individual assessment by of our Physical therapists – followed by subsequent periodic re-assessments.

2.    Hands on, one to one, 45 minute sessions.

3.    Appointment slots to best suit users needs whenever possible.

4.    Encouraging MS sufferers who are in employment to attend, by trying to accommodate their appointments as above.

5.    Defining each physical therapy session according to the needs and capability of the individual.

6.    Referring Individuals to the appropriate service providers if a need arises.

7.    Working closely with other health care professionals in Pembrokeshire such as GPs and Physiotherapists. We also receive referrals from Consultants when appropriate.

8.    Full implementation of Health and Safety regulations.

9.    Staffing by appropriately qualified personnel.

10.    Provision of a well equipped Therapy suite to meet the needs of our users.

11.    Respect for your privacy, dignity and confidentiality at all times.